Go with US, let's make history with your stories!

We are an Audiovisual LATIN TALENTS studio, a great HUB conforming of CINEMATOGRAPHIC PRODUCTION, CONTENT CREATION & 3D ANIMATION - VFX. We are proud to came from this beautiful land called LATIN AMERICA.


We are revolutionaries, rupturists, quite BOLD guys, really a group of Chinacos with the CREATIVITY and the CRAFT of the  chingana mother that your contents needed ...

Right now we are creating a new communication REFORM of the new century, the new independence of FILMS, MOVIES and the entire STORYTELLING digital industry of the entire world.


We will make your projects something simply "UNFORGETTABLE", we want to make history and nothing less than that Carnal, because that is what you deserve.


What are you waiting for? ... come with us.

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Come on ... let's make history together you bastard !!!

Creative Studio of Cinematographic Talent and Latin Audiovisual Production.

We are constituting a talented group of the best Advertising Film Directors at Chile and also filmmakers in other important countries of Latin America.


From here the new REVOLUTION OF THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY originates, an insurrection focused on the creation of audiovisual content to meet the demands of the new digital platforms.


At El Encanto we have implemented a new approach in the development of each audiovisual and cinematographic production, we managed to merge the process of PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT with the design of the POSTPRODUCTION workflow. This allows you to plan and solve each challenge of the different stages from the same origin of the ideas in the script stage, this intelligent MIX generates memorable movies that allow achieving exceptional results.


El Encanto Pictures @2020.